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Shipping a wide range of new and pre-owned vehicle types at once.


Getting the vehicle you are looking for at an excellent price for your budget.


Shipping vehicles efficiently with a guaranteed risk-free process.


Shipping vehicles from and to any place around the globe in the fastest way possible.
Worldwide Shipping

Worldwide Vehicle Shipping
Made Easy

New Technology

Worldwide Vehicle Shipping Made Easy

Get your desired vehicle or sell your own, wherever you are now.

Our Vision

To be the leading vehicle shipping partner of choice among all dealers around the globe.

Our Mission

For optimal vehicle ownership, Fuji’s mission is to remove all barriers to shipping vehicles that meet the diverse demands of customers.

Pre-owned vehicles are also on our list!

You can sell your own vehicle efficiently and safely.

Safety and comfort

are to be delivered

Customer satisfaction

is a priority

Dedicated team

lead to success
Fuji Motorcycle

Designed for real adventures!

Pick your accompanying motorcycle the way it comforts you. Have a good journey!

Driven by our extensive business experience and deep team passion for motorcycles, we dedicate our time to offering you the best in class, Fuji Motorcycles. We build them to experience a memorable ride that leads your adventure wherever you go. Considering riders’ diverse purposes and journeys in mind, Fuji provides various motorcycle types that suit your needs.